ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

February 11, 2014

Today is all about avocados. A few months ago I was at the grocery store and I saw avocados on sale for 4 at $5. This is an extremely great price since I have never seen an avocado for less than $0.99 near my home.  I was disappointed when all of the avocados were hard as a rock. I was going to pass them up, as I usually do when avocados are hard. This time, however, I reached for my phone and researched how to ripen an avocado.

It seemed really easy. You take the avocados and place them in a brown paper bag and close the top. Then place the bag in a cool, dark place (such as a kitchen cabinet). The website said that within 48 to 72 hours, the avocados should be soft and ready to eat. I took the bait and bought the rock hard avocados. When I got home I placed them in a brown bag and put them in a closet. I checked them the next day and they were still hard. I was starting to doubt the technique. However, when I checked at the 48 hour mark, the avocados were starting to feel soft. Not the entire avocado but it was softer then when I bought it. On the third day I checked them and, lo and behold, I had 4 ripe avocados! I was so excited! It was like I struck gold. The same website also said that if avocados are soft in the store, it means that they have been off of the tree for awhile and are not fresh. If they are hard, it means the avocados are fresh  and newly picked. You learn something new every day.

The day before Super Bowl Sunday, I was at Costco and I saw a package of 6 avocados for $4.99. That is less than $1 an avocado! I could not leave without buying them, even though they were hard.  A woman who was standing next to me asked me if I was going to buy them since they were so hard. I said yes and told her about my newly learned trick. I also told her that they would not be ripe the next day if she wanted to make guacamole for Super Bowl Sunday. She said she was going to buy them anyway and try it. I wish I could have been there when she found 6 ripe avocados three days later!!

You can also use this trick with bananas! I will never pass up a great bargain on avocados (or bananas) ever again! I hope you enjoy!

Here is a recipe for guacamole if you are interested!

P.S. If you put a banana in the bag with the avocados, it will speed up the process. I haven’t tried it yet but I have researched some more and people claim it works. Give it a try!