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The sounds of summer

Hello loyal readers! This summer has been so busy! I apologize for not writing as often. I do hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather :).

I saw a question a few days ago that asked about your favorite sounds. I read it a few times and really couldn’t come up with anything except for when my little one says “Mommy”. (I know, it is so cliche of a parent, but it really is the best sound!)


Then I was enjoying a beautiful summer night with my husband and son. We had spent the whole day outside and were finally winding down from all of our fun filled activities. ¬†As I let my mind wander from the show we were watching, I became aware of the sounds around me. I heard the mixture of neighbors’ conversations. The sound of children giggling and running up the sidewalk. I heard the distant hum of cars and their horns. The soft breeze made the leaves give off a pretty background music of sorts. Besides the sounds, it also had the smell of summer in the air. I can’t quite describe what it is but it’s a mixture of freshly cut grass, water from the sprinklers on the grass, and the remnants of a sun-kissed day. Am I getting too poetic here?

It is days like those that make going through the torture of winter and the impending doom after the autumn almost worth it. I absolutely love where I live. The only thing I would change is moving to a city where there is not that bad of a winter. You can’t have it all, can you now?

I hope you enjoy a day like the one I described above. I love paying attention to the type of day it is. People sometimes think I am ignoring them if we are in an outside setting. I am not ignoring them in the least. I am simply taking in everything. From the swaying of the trees to the chirping of the birds. Pay attention to your days. It helps to slow them down.

What are you favorite sounds ( or any other sense) of the summer? Comment below!

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In honor of #tbt

Sometimes the littlest thing triggers a memory. It will stop you right in your tracks. You are present, however, your mind takes you to another time.


Perhaps this place your mind takes you to is a long concrete front yard. One side has grass and the other is the patio per say. There is a charcoal grill warming up in the corner. (That smell is the trigger of all of this.) Webbed folding chairs line the yard in hues of orange, green, yellow, and blue. A red, wooden, old school picnic table is filled with “the old folk”. A few “youngins” are part of the group as well. A poker game is being played. Even though the bets are in pennies, this game is being taken pretty seriously.


On the grass are the rest of the “youngins”. Young ones. Old ones. They just blend in a sea of togetherness. A ball is being kicked around. Hide and seek is well underway. A laugh here. Conversations mingling there. And then a creaking sounds breaks the conundrum. More visitors have come through the black wrought iron front gate. Conversations stop. Hugs ensue. Smiles and handshakes everywhere.

In the midst of all of this, a face. A smile. That knowing look of “This is my family and I love it”. The glue that bound us altogether. That glue still holds to this day. Miles and miles may separate us. Life may take us in different directions. But there is that togetherness. The knowledge that you are part of something that is bigger than any of us.

Over ten years have come and gone since that face and that smile were with us. Wow! More than ten years. Life goes on. But the thought of living a full life without the voices. Without the laughter. It seems unfair at times. The stories will endure. The togetherness will be there. However, there is that presence that is there but isn’t.

Then life reels you back in and you are taken out of the memory. It slips away as quickly as it appeared. Hold on to the memories. There will be another trigger that brings them back. You hold the key to the past. Just keep it close to your heart. You will never be without :).

garden gnome beckons

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